Case Study: DevOps for a startup

I work mostly with large and medium organisations looking to introduce new software development practices. However, I recently got the opportunity to provide my services for a┬álong running startup based in the Thames Valley region. Background: Small company with funding from venture capitalists allows them to build software for their clients and also other similar[…]

Spotting the signs of collaboration

I have previously spoken about collaboration a few times at meetups and conferences and still feel strongly that this is the most fundamental factor for teams to succeed. What I have observed? Teams communicating and working together where information is easy to find perform and deliver more and are generally more happier. signs of collaboration:[…]


Getting teams to think and behave differently doesn’t happen with a flick of a switch nor happen after reading a book on ‘DevOps’! Do we like change? Take travel to work scenario – we wake up, have a shower, eat the same breakfast, walk to the tube station at the same time, visit the same[…]

jenkins 2.0

Jenkins 2.0 is out

The latest Jenkins 2.0 has been available for the past few months and I have luckily had the chance to use it on a client site with a huge amount of success. I was initially reluctant┬áto upgrade because version 1.5xxx has been impressively stable and impressively configurable. If it ‘ain’t broke, then don’t fix it’[…]