Spotting the signs of collaboration

I have previously spoken about collaboration a few times at meetups and conferences and still feel strongly that this is the most fundamental factor for teams to succeed.

What I have observed?

Teams communicating and working together where information is easy to find perform and deliver more and are generally more happier.

signs of collaboration:

  • Talking about issues and blockers during daily standups
  • wiki pages with How to guides
  • developers working with testers during agile sprints
  • project managers sharing roadmaps.
  • test data is available to all team members
  • sprint planning attended by all stakeholders
  • all stakeholders attend and contribute to retrospectives.
  • code is shared and made available in source control


signs of siloed ways of work:

  • informationĀ is shared adhocly in emails
  • environments are only used by developers




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