Getting teams to think and behave differently doesn’t happen with a flick of a switch nor happen after reading a book on ‘DevOps’!

Do we like change?

Take travel to work scenario – we wake up, have a shower, eat the same breakfast, walk to the tube station at the same time, visit the same coffee shop, choose the same coffee and croissant and then head to work and take take the lift to the third floor of your office. This scenario is, I am sure, common to many people reading this article. The number of different options available for the travel to work scenario are huge but we tend to stick to what we find comfortable and what gets the job done. Lets look at the options; We could choose a different mode of transport, different coffee or pastry or even take the stairs.

Why change?

There needs to be a motivation for change to happen. Take the travel to work scenario, taking the tube may be the most efficient mode of transport to work but it does come with the pitfalls of being overcrowded and hot and sweaty during the summer months. Or, taking the bus means it may take longer to arrive into work but you add to your daily step count and improve your fitness levels.

How to change?

A shift in thinking to adopt new practices is difficult but not impossible. To change, we need to better understand motivations and reasons. DevOps improvements aims to address efficiency, quality and delivery.

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